CPR bridge must have a draw, Council affirms – September 22, 1890

CPR bridge must have a draw, Council affirms – September 22, 1890

The CPR bridge across False Creek “… offers a serious obstruction to the passage of steamers and sailing vessels.” City to “communicate with” Canadian government to “cause” the CPR to either remove the bridge or “have a draw span inserted in same bridge.” Board of Health recommended to next year’s Council to set aside $2,500 to establish a hospital for women and children “as petitioned for by Mrs. Webster.” Board of Works reported the Market Building almost finished.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pg 52-58

[volume 4 page 52]

Vancouver Sept 22nd 1890

The Council met on Monday Sept 22nd 1890.
Present: His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Sentell, Fox, Doering, McLeod, Carroll, Garden, Mason and Costello.

Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

Communications were read

From D. Robson, City Clerk, New Westminster inviting the Council to attend the Exhibition.

From Ivan Busting asking to have Victoria Street graded. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Rob’t Barker asking payment of an account of $25.15 for expenses incurred in repairs owing to change of grade on Oppenheimer St. Referred to the Board of Works.

From D. McKay enclosing account against Murray & Fraser for work done on the Sugar Refinery. Referred to the Sugary Refinery Com.

From G.H. Lockerly, on behalf of Zion Church, asking to rent the Market Hall. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Elliott, Harris et al asking for a sidewalk on north side of Barklay [sic] St. Referred to the Board of Works.

[volume 4 page 53]

From Williams B.C. Directory Co. asking to supply the City with copies of the work. Referred to Finance.

From Chas. H. Nye asking to be appointed Market Clerk. Filed.

From A. St. G. Hamersley, City Solicitor, re Murray & Fraser’s contract as follows:
“In answer to yours of the 18th Inst, the contractors having given up the contract before completion, the City should give notice to the sureties, calling on them to complete. There should then be a new contract entered into with the sureties to complete. When this is done the City will be in a legal position to deal with the sureties and pay them as the contract is completed.” Referred to the Board of Works.
From the Free Reading and Library Committee asking for the use of rooms over the New Market Hall, and for an increase of grant to $100. Filed.

From Hoffar, on behalf of Towne and Robinson asking permission to extend the foundation of their Hotel building under the sidewalk. Referred to the Board of Works.

From J.A. Fulton, sec. Trades and Labor Council, calling attention to the fact that the by-law regarding street labor has been broken, especially the clause referring to nine hours work. Also asking that the Chinese be compelled to close their Laundries on Sunday. Referred to the Board of Works.

[volume 4 page 54]

From Gallagher, Britton et al asking to have the lane in Block 63-541 opened. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Ogilvie, Trainor et al asking to have an Electric Light placed at the corner of Quebec St. and 12th Ave. Referred to the F. W. and Light Com.

From Blake et al asking to have hill on Hastings St cut down. Referred to the Board of Works.



The Health Committee met on Tuesday Sept 9th 1890.
Present: Aldermen Carroll, Fox and McLeod. The latter in the chair.

It was recommended:
That two temperature charts be printed for use at the City Hospital.
That as there are no funds on hand at present to be devoted towards the funding of a Hospital for women and children as petitioned for by Mrs. Webster, we strongly recommend to the incoming Council the advisability of placing $2500 in next year’s estimates for that purpose.
That the following accounts be paid:
W.S. Cook, Scavenger work $51.50
Dr. Thomas, Vet. examinations 10.00
M.A. Harvey, Hack hire 2.50
Dr. McGuigan, Inquest etc. 15.00
H. McDowell & Co, Drugs 55.16
W.J. Taylor, Burial 14.00
Van Volkenburgh & Bro, Meat 47.41
R.V. Winch, Supplies 13.15
Hudson Bay Co, Supplies 11.00
J. Scuitto, Supplies 75.39

[volume 4 page 55]

Crowder & Penzer, Supplies 5.00
Wo Sing, Washing 19.20

Alderman Fox moved
Alderman Carroll seconded
That the report be adopted. Carried.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday 18th at 3 o’clock P.M.
Present: Aldermen Horne, Sentell and Costello.
It was recommended as follows:
1. That the amount due on the Market Building contract be paid on the 28th inst the expiration of 30 days, the city retaining $175.00 of the amount.
2. That permission be granted Mrs. Gold to make openings in the sidewalk, subject to the By-Laws, and under the supervision of the City Engineer.
3. That the City Engineer examine and report re James McGeer’s request.
4. That tenders be called for street numbers, between 3000 and 5000, of white metal, to be put up under the supervision of the City Engineer.
5. That the lane in Block 28 be completed to Abbott St.
6. That tenders be called for a basement drain in the lane in Block 4 O.G.T.
7. That the Market grounds be gravelled.

[volume 4 page 56]

8. That the tender of D.H. Morgan for Victoria St be accepted.
9. That the City Engineer be authorized to make the necessary repairs to False Creek Bridge.
10. That the following accounts be paid:
F.L. Budlong, 11th Ave. Bridge 384.34
Wm Cullen, Market Grounds 200.00
Wm Cullen, West. Ave. 50.00
D.H. Morgan, 11th Ave Grade 44.77
John Costello, Alexander St 356.70
John Costello, Alexander St. 125.00
McDonald & Lloyd, West. Ave. Grade 424.80
Boyd & Clendenning, Oppenheimer 405.00
Boyd & Clendenning, Raymour [sic] 315.00
Urquhart & Morris, Cemetery Road 189.00
H. Connacher, Carolina 33.80
H. Connacher, Keefer 374.80
C. Higginson, St Sprinkling 45.00
A.O. Leask, Sewers 13.00
I. Paton, Flushing Sewers 1.00
G.H. Dawson, Repairs to Transit 24.65

Alderman Fox moved
Alderman Garden seconded
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole to consider the report. Carried.
In Committee of the Whole, Alderman Costello in the chair, the report was considered and passed without amendment, Aldermen Carroll and Garden dissenting from Clause 8.
In Council on motion of Aldermen Costello and Fox the report was adopted.

[volume 4 page 57]


Alderman Garden moved
Alderman Costello seconded
That the motion passed by the Council of 1889 that contractors should not be paid for excavated material from cellars that they deposit on and improve streets with be rescinded. Carried.

Alderman McLeod moved
Alderman Mason seconded
Whereas the trade and commerce of Vancouver is increasing so rapidly and to such an extent and the foreshore of False Creek is becoming such a manufacturing centre as to cause steamers to ply to and fro in these waters:
And whereas the C.P.R. Co. has built a bridge across False Creek which offers a serious obstruction to the passage of steamers and sailing vessels.
Therefore be it resolved that the Dominion Government be communicated with asking them to cause the C.P.R. Co. to have this obstruction removed or have a draw span inserted in same bridge. Carried.

Alderman Carroll moved
Alderman Garden seconded
That the request of Towne & Robinson be granted the work to be constructed in accordance with the By-Law and under the supervision of the City Engineer. Carried.

Alderman Garden moved
Alderman Mason seconded
That His Worship the Mayor and the City Council accept with thanks the invitation of the New Westminster

[volume 4 page 58]

Council to be present at the coming Royal Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition to be held this week. Carried.

Alderman McLeod moved
Alderman Fox seconded
That Messrs Boyd & Clendenning who have the gravelling contract be kindly asked to furnish an estimate for block paving Hastings St East between Carroll and Westminster Avenue in lieu of gravelling same; block paving to consist of cedar blocks 8 in high laid on a foundation of one inch boards. Street to be first graded & curbed with plank 4 in by 16 in. Carried.

Alderman Costello moved
Alderman Mason seconded
That the account for labor for week ending Sept 20 be paid. Carried.

Notice of Motion
Alderman Carroll: At the next regular meeting will move that the Assessment Commissioner for this Municipality be instructed to omit from the Assessment Roll the improvements on Real Estate.

Council adjourned to meet at 2 o’clock P.M. on Tuesday 23rd.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk