Council “cordially endorses” Victoria council’s plan for a BC building at the (1893) Chicago World’s Fair. The Board of Health met to discuss the care and treatment of two Chinese lepers formerly employed by the CPR. Advertisement for a new Police Magistrate postponed for 3 months.

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and sponsored by Shirley Barnett

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 504-513

Vol. 4, pg. 504
Vancouver, September 28, 1891
The Council met on Monday, September 28, 1891.
Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Carrall, Scoullar, Templeton, Hobson, Brown, McDowell and Doering.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and read:
From the Post Master General acknowledging the receipt of the communication re the obstructions on Granville Street.
From the Market Clerk furnishing his weekly report.
From the Chief of Police furnishing report on the street lights.
From Wm. Fowler asking what action had been taken regarding the Slaughter Houses.
Referred to Board of Health
From the Provincial Secretary stating that he would furnish a list of those who had paid their poll tax.
Referred to Finance Committee
From C.E. Renouf, Secretary of the B.C. Agricultural Exhibition, Victoria, inviting the Mayor and Aldermen to be present on the 30th inst.
From R. Mills et al asking for the clear-….
Vol. 4, pg. 505
… -ing of a certain portion of 9th Avenue near Block 27.
Referred to Board of Works
From D.G. McDonald et al asking for the grading of Front Street.
Referred to Board of Works
From W.C. Weir, Baptist Preacher, recommending the appointment of Robert S. Caldwell as Police Officer.
Referred to Police Committee
From John Kinghorn, Kingston, Secretary to the Sir John McDonald National Memorial Association, enclosing subscription books etc.
Laid over
From M. Metcalfe et al asking for the grading of 14th Avenue from Westminster Avenue to Quebec Street.
Referred to Board of Works
From the City Clerk of Victoria forwarding a copy of a resolution passed by the Victoria Council endorsing a project of the Immigration Investment and Improvement Co. Ltd. for the erection of a building at the World Fair Chicago, made of British Columbia wood etc.
Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That the communication received through the City Council of Victoria to have erected at the Chicago Fair a building made of British Columbia Woods surrounded by native shrubs be cordially endorsed.

Vol. 4, pg. 506

The following reports were received and read:
The Police Committee met on Tuesday, September 22nd, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Hobson, McDowell, Carrall and Scoullar.
It was recommended:
1) That the following accounts be paid:
John Sciutto, supplies $ 36.78
Gurney Cab Co. 4.75
2) That tenders be again invited for furnishing police uniforms, only one tender having been received.
The following applications were received for the position of Police Officer:
John O. Flynn, J.J. Carment, M. McLean, R.S. Colwell, P. Wylie, J. Box, J.H. Burke, W.J. Hamblin, G.S. Clarke, John L. Carter, G.H. Edson, J. Nadon and R.W. Martin.
After a number of ballots was taken it was found that no one applicant could get a majority of the Committee, it was therefore referred to Council to make the appointment. Signed C.G. Hobson, Acting Chairman
Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the report be adopted as read.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by Alderman Brown
That the portion of the report relating to the appointment of a Police Officer be referred back to the Committee.
Amendment Lost, Motion Carried
Vol. 4, pg. 507
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Council go into the Committee of the Whole for the appointment of a Police Officer.

Alderman Hobson was appointed Chairman.
The applications were all read over and several of the applicants personally interviewed, but as all were not present, it was decided to defer the appointment until the next meeting to give everybody an opportunity to be on hand. It was therefore moved by the Mayor:
“That the Committee rise and report progress and ask leave to sit again.”
The Clerk was instructed to notify all applicants to be present.

Board of Works
The Board of Works met on Thursday, September 17th, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Brighouse, Brown, Templeton and Godfrey.
It was recommended:
1) That the following accounts be paid:
J. Rounsefell, Sidewalk on Burrard Street $ 17.64
Angus Fraser, “ “ “ “ 278.60
Crowder & Penzer, Feed 11.60
W. Archibald, Harris Street 276.75
W.D. Hobson, Carl Avenue 450.50
W Archibald, Princess Street 691.82
S. Beaumont, Eveleigh Street 241.20
A.D. McDonald, Hamilton Street 227.20
E.C. Britton, Homer Street 287.47
D. Gibbons, Lane B53, 196 112.33
I & R Whiteside, Cemetery House 120.60
W. Jones, Burrard Street 239.40
E. Myers, Lane B57, 541 102.92
H. Lomos et al, payroll 234.45

Vol. 4, pg. 508

2) That the following tenders be accepted:
– W.D. Hobson, Lanes in Blocks 94, 104, 114, 93, 103, 113 Sub D 541
– E. Myers, Lane B16, 185
– A.D. McDonald, Box Drain Nelson Street 26X16
– J. Telford, “ “ Granville Street 10X12
– Do. “ “ Richards Street 24X10
– Do. “ “ “ “ 29X16
– Do. “ “ “ “ 18X12
3) That the following tenders be invited:
1 – East end school grounds, grading
2 – 12th Avenue grading, narrow width, one block west of Ont. Street
3 – Scott Street grading from 12th Avenue to City boundary
4) That the Street Inspector be instructed to have a one plank sidewalk laid from Georgia Street to Mr. Farrers’ residence.
5) That no buildings or entrances thereto be allowed to project beyond the street line.
6) That the City Engineer be instructed to call for tenders for lowering the grade of Cordova Street from Granville Street east, the work to be proceeded with simultaneously with the erection of terminal buildings by the C.P.R. Co. at the foot of Granville Street.
7) The following petitions were received and referred to the City Engineer: From W.L. Fagan, Dr. Brydone-Jack H.P.A. Boyd and Mrs. W.J. Fleming, and J.H. Gillespie.
8) That the Street Inspector attend to the petition of the Misses Johnson for a 3-plank sidewalk on Burrard to Georgia east side.
The Board met again on Monday …
Vol. 4, pg. 509
… September 28, 1891.
It was recommended:
1) That the City Engineer be authorized to put Ninth Avenue in a proper condition for travel between Westminster Avenue and Centre Street where requisite.
2) That the following tenders be accepted:
– W.D. Hobson, Lanes B and 84.541
– DH. Morgan, Scott Street grading
– Dtto, 12th Avenue grading
– Boyd & Clandenning, Cordova Street grading
– E.C. Britton, Melville Street sidewalk
– W.G. Fraser, Campbell Avenue sidewalk
– E.C. Britton, Robson Street sidewalk
– I. Bailey, Nicola and Barclay sidewalk
– W.D. Hobson, Comox Street grading
– Dtto. Homer Street grading
3) That Broughton Street grading be not let on account of the lateness of the season and the bad weather.
4) That the following tenders be invited:
– Keefer Street, 6 [ft.] sidewalk from Gore Avenue to Heatley Avenue on the north side and from Westminster Avenue to Jackson Avenue on the south side.
– Nelson Street, 6 ft. sidewalk from Burrard to Bute both sides less what is to be re-laid on the south side.
– Lanes in Blocks 60, 61, 62, 70, 71 and 72. 541 grading
5) That the following accounts be paid:
Wm. Turney, Nelson Street $ 996.30
W.S. Cook, Keefer Street 643.50
W.H. Kendall, Crushed Rock 2366.91
A. Hodgson, Signs 82.40
Palmer Bros., Coal 5.25
Allan K. Stuart, Repairs to instrument 7.75
` Thomas et al, Payroll 282.80
Signed Wm. Templeton, Acting Chairman
Vol. 4, pg. 510
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.
The Finance Committee met on Friday, September 18th and 25th, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Brown, Scoullar, Carrol and Hobson.
They beg to recommend:
1) That the City Treasurer be instructed to pay the men employed by H. Connacher on the east park, pro rata, out of the funds in hand.
2) That the City Treasurer be authorized to retain the services of H. Hemlow during the month of September.
3) That the following accounts be paid:
Daily Telegram, Printing $ 18.00
Deputy Ret. Officers etc. 50.50
H.E. Cronsdale, Treas. Bond 62.50
Fox & Robinson, Disbursements 112.15
J.W. Robinson, Salary as Valuator 116.00
J.M. Fox “ “ 116.00
Palmer Bros., Coal 14.00
A special meeting of the Board was held on Saturday at 11:30 A.M. to arrange for the sale of the Water Works Debentures.
Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brown, Scoullar and Hobson. Also Aldermen McDowell and Brighouse.
It was resolved:
That Messrs. Hanson Bros. of Montreal be instructed to place the Debentures on the English Market on behalf of the City for the amounts authorized by the By-Laws passed by the electors on …
Vol. 4, pg. 511
… Monday, the 14th day of September 1891 at a minimum of 97 1/2 per cent (Commission for making the sale 5%).
Signed Wm. Brown, Chairman
Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That the report of the Finance Committee be adopted.
The Health Committee met on Tuesday, September 25th, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Carrall, McDowell and Scoullar.
It was recommended:
1) That the following accounts be paid:
W.J. McGuigan, Inquests $ 20.50
Hudson’s Bay Co., Supplies 31.50
J.R. Morrow “ 112.03
L.C. Annis, Nursing 42.,00
Palmer Bros. Coal 19.00
F.W. Hart, Burial 15.00
Champion & White, Scavengering 2.00
Geo. Wilson, Supplies 2.25
R.W. Winch, “ 15.46
Hayes & McIntosh, Supplies 53.41
A. Horwill, Nursing 33.00
C. Mee, Nursing 29.25
Daniel Roe, Nursing 33.00
2) That Robert Brownlee be appointed Cook at City Hospital at a salary of $30.00 per month dating from first engagement by the matron.
3) That Miss Woodward be allowed her salary during the time she was ill, the period being one month.
4) That the three accounts for guarding lepers be …
Vol. 4, pg. 512
… paid by the City in the first instance and that the City Solicitor be instructed to collect same from the C.P.R. Co.
5) That the C.P.R. Co. be again communicated with re the settlement of their hospital account.
A special meeting of the Board was held on Friday, September 25th and Monday, September 28th.
The object of the meeting was to consider what action should be taken in regard to two lepers who had been returned to the City by the C.P.R. Co. Mr. Abbott was present on behalf of the Co. and stated that the burden would be thrown on the City.
The Health Inspector was instructed to telegraph to the Minister of Agriculture and to the Chief Comptroller of Chinese Emigration in regard to the matter; also to notify the General Superintendent of the C.P.R. Co. that his Company would be held liable for the safe care and custody of the lepers and that if for the protection of the citizens it should become requisite for the City to go to any costs or charge for such protection that the said Company would be held liable for all such costs and charge so incurred; and further that if no satisfactory answer be soon received to the telegrams dispatched that the City Solicitor should be instructed to apply for the necessary legal process to issue; and further that if legal action for the protection of the City’s interests becomes necessary that the City Solicitor is hereby empowered to take such action in the premises as he may deem necessary.
Signed J.T. Carrall, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Hobson
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Report be adopted.
Vol. 4, pg. 514
Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That this Council accept with thanks the kind invitation to attend the Agricultural Fair to be held in Victoria this week.
Moved by Alderman Carrall
Seconded by Alderman Godfrey
Whereas the Office of Police Magistrate for the City of Vancouver has become vacant under Section 269 of the Municipalities Act 1891. Therefore be it resolved that the City Clerk is hereby required to advertise for applicants for said Office of Police Magistrate. All applications to be in the hands of the City Clerk not later than Saturday, September — 1891 at the hour of 12 o’clock noon.
Moved in Amendment by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the motion be laid over for three months.
Amendment carried
The Council then adjourned.
D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk

Vancouver plans exhibit at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair – September 28, 1891