Since 2012, many people have contributed to the work of transcribing the minutes of early Vancouver City Council meetings.  We have had donations of labour and technical advice, as well as cash donations.  These have helped to keep our web site going and to keep track of our thousands of photographs and close to 600 transcripts produced so far.

Sam Sullivan and the Global Civic Policy Society founded our project and continue to help us get the word out.  Christopher Stephenson and Margaret Sutherland contributed foundational work.  Bruce Macdonald (author of Vancouver: a Visual History), Darrin Pezer of Proactive Building Maintenance and at Negar Khatami at Katami Designs have helped to keep us going. 

Our wonderful volunteer transcribers look at photographs of the original handwritten pages and type a draft from what they see.

Others, such as The Oppenheimer Group, Shirley Barnett, Bill Boultbee, Arnold Silber, Kip Woodward and the Woodward family, and Bruno Wall have generously sponsored the transcription and publication of one year of Vancouver City Council minutes.

Sponsorship opportunities

We would like to invite you to consider sponsoring one year of Vancouver’s history; perhaps in honour of an ancestor or current family member.  Your name (and the name of the person you are sponsoring in honour of) would appear at the top of every document for the year and go into the permanent record. 

Get in touch here for more information.

The years 1886, 1893, 1894, 1895 and 1896 are available for sponsorship.

Sponsors for a year of City Council minutes transcription

1887 – sponsored by Bill Boultbee

1888 – sponsored by The Oppenheimer Group

1889 – sponsored by Shirley Barnett

1890 – sponsored by Arnold Silber

1891 – sponsored by Shirley Barnett

1892 – sponsored by Kip Woodward

1900 – sponsored by Bruno Wall