Hospital medical staff appointed – September 17, 1888

Hospital medical staff appointed – September 17, 1888

Doctors Bell-Irving, Langis, Lefevre, McGuigan and Robertson appointed to medical staff for City Hospital. Board of Works has decided to have electric lighting in the new hospital. Request from John H. McMillan et al asking that the Corporation remove the (newly-built) Morgue from present location. (more…)

New City Hospital to be finished soon – August 10, 1888

Furnishing of the new City Hospital to be completed within fourteen days. Towing and recovery of old floating hospital will cost $3,000.00

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Vancouver Aug 10th/88

The Board of Health met on Friday Aug. 10th at 3:30 p.m.

Present – His Worship the Mayor, Ald. Lefevre Chairman + Ald. Clark + Dougall.

A deputation from the Medical Assn comprising Drs Boddington, Bell-Irving, Langis, Alpin, + Beckingsale waited on the Board + through their president Dr. Boddington presented their views on the question of the appointment of a Medical staff for the City Hospital.

The Board after due consideration laid the matter of the appointment of a Medical Staff over for further consideration in the near future.

Tenders for the furnishing of the New City Hospital with furniture, Beds, Crockery, Linen etc. were received + secd from J. Sehl, F.W. Hart, Brown + White + Clute + Co. and the contracts for the above named supplies were awarded to J. Sehl, Brown + White + Clute + Co. they being the lowest tenders.

Moved by Ald Clark sec by Ald Dougall that the furnishing of the New Hospital be completed within fourteen days from date. Carried

Moved by Ald. Clark sec. by Ald Dougall that the sum of $3000 be paid to Garland for moving towing + recovering the floating hospital. carried

The Board then adjourned.

[omitted] In the matter of claim of J. Hartney for compensation for damages we upon the advice of the City Solicitor deem it inadvisable to entertain said claim

D. Oppenheimer
Acting Chairman

Owen Hughes rewarded $25 for fire bravery – July 18, 1887

Mr. Owen Hughes, steward of the Hospital, granted $25 in compensation for loss of money and property during his efforts to save the hospital building during the May 31 fire. Mr. E.J. Clark of Toronto’s offer of a lot for a City Hospital was considered, but the Board of Health recommends no action be taken at present. City Clerk to write to the Provincial Secretary asking that the appropriations voted at the last meeting of the Legislature be placed to the credit of the City. (more…)