Dupont Street well will be allowed until Council needs it filled in – August 8, 1887

Appointment laid off for one week. James Hartney allowed to sink a well on Dupont Street (now Pender Street) on the understanding that it must be filled in when Council requests it. Council unable to make a grant of money to the BC Rifle Association. Doctors Robertson, Beckinsale, and Langis all applied for the position of Medical Health Officer. The police men allowed each in turn ten days leave of absence.

Fifty foot fire hose needed for Vancouver – August 1, 1887

Board of Works recommend that the Contract for Granville Street be awarded to McDonald and Cameron; Cambie Street to Wm. Harkins; Park Avenue and Johnston Street to Henry Bowers; Georgia Street to Wm. Harkins, Seventh Avenue to W.L. McDonald, Fire Hall to McDonald & Holden and painting to A.J. Marks. Permission granted Chairman of the Fire Water and Light Committee to purchase 50 feet of small hose for the fire engine.