horse drawn tank

Imperial Oil also granted permission to build fuel warehouse in Vancouver – August 22, 1887

Letter received from A.R. Diplock asking that the City purchase his hand grenades (?!) Fred S. Clark, agent for the Imperial Oil Co asking permission to erect a ware house near Carl Avenue on Railway Street, granted permission on the same terms as the Standard Oil Company. Fire Water and Light Committee asked City Clerk to communicate with the Secretary of the Fire Brigade to cooperate on the best placement for city street lights. The question of the legality of passing a By-Law to grant a bonus to smelting works was referred to the City Solicitor.

Standard Oil wants to build a warehouse in Vancouver – August 16, 1887

W.P. Johnson, Manager of Standard Oil Company, asked permission to build a warehouse. Board of Works recommended a budget for improvements to a number of streets, totalling $15,734.00 Alderman D. Oppenheimer introduced a by-law to offer a bonus to anyone building a Foundry and Smelting Works within the City. The (absent) Mayor authorized to call a public meeting of the ratepayers of the City during the week to discuss the question of granting bonuses to manufacturers.

Dupont Street well will be allowed until Council needs it filled in – August 8, 1887

Appointment laid off for one week. James Hartney allowed to sink a well on Dupont Street (now Pender Street) on the understanding that it must be filled in when Council requests it. Council unable to make a grant of money to the BC Rifle Association. Doctors Robertson, Beckinsale, and Langis all applied for the position of Medical Health Officer. The police men allowed each in turn ten days leave of absence.

Fifty foot fire hose needed for Vancouver – August 1, 1887

Board of Works recommend that the Contract for Granville Street be awarded to McDonald and Cameron; Cambie Street to Wm. Harkins; Park Avenue and Johnston Street to Henry Bowers; Georgia Street to Wm. Harkins, Seventh Avenue to W.L. McDonald, Fire Hall to McDonald & Holden and painting to A.J. Marks. Permission granted Chairman of the Fire Water and Light Committee to purchase 50 feet of small hose for the fire engine.

Baseball team may put up caretaker’s building in Stanley Park – July 25, 1887

Baseball team may put up caretaker’s building in Stanley Park – July 25, 1887

Permission granted for the Base Ball Club to erect a small building for a Caretaker on the Park grounds. City treasurer to pay the freight on the hook and ladder truck and the half year’s interest on the $114,100 debenture. Finance Committee have considered the draft form of lease submitted by the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. re Block 48 but caution some provisions are too stringent to be adopted by the Council. Board of works has instructed the City Clerk to call for tenders for the improvement of Granville Street and the widening of the Westminster Road.

Owen Hughes rewarded $25 for fire bravery – July 18, 1887

Mr. Owen Hughes, steward of the Hospital, granted $25 in compensation for loss of money and property during his efforts to save the hospital building during the May 31 fire. Mr. E.J. Clark of Toronto’s offer of a lot for a City Hospital was considered, but the Board of Health recommends no action be taken at present. City Clerk to write to the Provincial Secretary asking that the appropriations voted at the last meeting of the Legislature be placed to the credit of the City.

City of Vancouver needs a road from Fraser River to False Creek – July 11, 1887

City Clerk to write to the Provincial Government asking that a road be constructed “from the North Arm of the Fraser River in a direct line from Sea and Lulu Islands to False Creek”. City Solicitor T.T. Black advises Council to “resist” the claim of A.M. Grant for sherry seized by the police. Fire Water and Light Committee recommends that Council discontinue the offices of License, Health and Fire Inspectors.

Contractors must complete work for City of Vancouver on time, or pay – July 4, 1887

City Clerk to advise all present and future contractors that if contracts with the City are not completed in the specified time, City Council will take them off the contractors’ hands, complete them, and bill the contractor for the cost. William Harkins’ tender for constructing sewers was accepted. Vote of thanks to Admiral Sir Michael Culene-Seymour and the officers of the Pacific Squadron for their presence and assistance in celebrating Her Majesty’s Jubilee on July 1st.