City Staff to “Make Due Provision” against Sickness Or Death – October 29, 1894

Vancouver City Council required each number of the City’s staff to make “due provision in case of sickness or death” as it would not be responsible. The case of an abandoned three month old child was referred to the Health Committee.  Tenders were advertised to finance $4,000 for Civic Improvements and (in spite of opposition) for $90,000 for Electric Lights A chimney was authorized to be added to the cemetery house, and ventilation for new hospital.

Lt. Gov. Dewdney to Open New Vancouver Y.M.C.A. – May 8, 1893

Lt. Gov. Dewdney to Open New Vancouver Y.M.C.A. – May 8, 1893

Lt. Governor Dewdney and wife to be received in Vancouver May 18 to open the new Y.M.C.A. Building; Mayor and Council invited. Miss Mcfie appointed hospital Matron at $50 per month, Mr. T. Martin hospital Cook at $30, and J. A. Gow appointed Call Man at the Mount Pleasant Fire Hall at $15. A reward of $25 offered for information leading to conviction of those breaking windows within the City.

Railway Bonus guarantee raised to $400,000 – April 4, 1893

In spite of a motion to put the matter off for six months, the Railway Bonus By-Law was completed, and the amount in question was raised from $350,000 to $400,000. Immediately afterward, arrangements were made for holding an “election” [referendum] on the By-Law. J Reith was appointed superintendent of the “isolation” [quarantine] hospital at $50 per month. Fireman Campbell was allowed half pay because he broke his leg on duty; however “it must be a distinct understanding … that no similar case will in future be considered…the men will be expected to insure [themselves] at once in one of the established companies”.