horse drawn tank

Projected new oil warehouse alarms neighbours – Feb 15, 1892

Letter received from R.D. Pith thanking Council for giving  him an artificial leg.  Condition of city street lights is a problem.  The Vancouver Electric Railway & Light Co. “urged to erect all lights that they had been notified to purchase last year”. $34.70 to be paid to the City of Victoria “for the keep of the leper”.  Oppenheimer Brothers protest against the Standard Oil Co.’s potential oil warehouse on Block 7.196.

Vancouver Hospital staff 1893

City Hospital staff reappointed, slaughterhouses all “in order” – Feb 8, 1892

Complaint received from Philip Fewster of his being ill-treated at Police Court.  Miss Swan reappointed as Matron at the City Hospital at $50 a month and allowed an assistant at $15.  W.G. March appointed as hospital cook and Frank Humphries as porter at $30 a month each. Alderman McGuigan and Gavin reported that they had visited the Slaughter houses and crematory with the mayor and found everything in order there being no smells. Mrs. Broderick paid $28.80 by the Health Committee for shirt making.  Final purchase of the Vancouver Water Works Company to take place at City Hall February 29, 1892.