Videos about early Vancouver

Videos about early Vancouver

A ride through Victoria and Vancouver 1907 (Vancouver begins at about 3.14) released by the Canadian archives in Ottawa, and enhanced by youtube user guy jones. Sam Sullivan has made…
Bailey Photo Studio exterior, Vancouver BC, 1894

“Fire Escape Act” mandatory for all new buildings – October 1, 1894

The Board of Works reviewed an application from the Bailey Brothers for a brick extension at the rear of their store (pictured here). The Fire Inspector to notify architects and building permit applicants that all new buildings must conform to the “Fire Escape Act 1894” passed at the last session of the [British Columbia] Legislature. Mayor R. A. Anderson appointed Aldermen Salsbury, McDowell, McCraney, Franklin and C.L. Brown to draft necessary changes to the Vancouver Charter.

Kendal’s crushed rock no longer wanted – May 21, 1894

Some Ward 5 ratepayers objected to splitting the ward in two. Some cattle on Lulu Island were infected with Big Jaw. City Engineer Thomas Tracy gave an estimate of the value of the plant and property of the Vancouver Electric Railway & Light Co, which the City of Vancouver was thinking of taking over. Though Tracy estimated the value at $535,100, the city was only going to offer $380,000. The Board of Works and the Finance Committee were both dissatisfied with the gravel supplied by Mr. Kendal: he was asked to supply three more scows to the city wharf and then cease delivery.

No Liquor Sales Allowed on By-Law Decision Day – May 1, 1893

Vancouver's Street Railway Guarantee By-Law to be voted on next week, May 8. No liquor allowed to be sold on that day until the polls close. The City Solicitor to look into claims that A. M. Beattie was selling second hand goods at the City Market, thus breaking the terms of his lease . Council received four orders of garnishment for city officials’ wages, and decided that any second occurrence would be grounds for dismissal. $5,000 paid in to the School Board’s account.