Vancouver City Council minutes were hand-written until mid-1911. Public access to these minutes had been limited until 2012, when Transcribimus volunteers began photographing and transcribing the original pages.

As well as putting our work online here, we’ve donated our transcripts to the Vancouver Archives to become part of Vancouver’s permanent record.

In addition, a worldwide group of historians and software engineers is working to develop Handwritten Text Recognition.  Transcribimus has donated thousands of our photographs and transcripts to help their computers learn to read handwriting – some day!

Meanwhile, Transcribimus volunteers and sponsors carry on the work of bringing Vancouver’s handwritten history to the public.

You can explore Vancouver City Council minutes by year: 1886 | 1887 | 1888 | 1889 | 1890 | 1891 | 1892 | 1893 | 1894 | 1895 | 1896 | 1897 | 1898 | 1900

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