Vancouver’s first election on May 3, 1886, was a wild affair, rife with labour unrest and racism. The favourite going into the election was Hastings Sawmill manager Richard Alexander, of Alexander Street fame. But a strike at Hastings Sawmill divided the community, particularly after Alexander announced he would hire Chinese workers to replace the white strikers. The strikers talked real estate salesman Malcolm MacLean (b. 1844, Tiree, Scotland, d. 1895) into running against Alexander. MacLean won in a squeaker, 242 votes to Alexander’s 225.

John Mackie, Vancouver Sun, Nov. 30 2002
quoted with permission

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Mayor: M.A. (Malcolm Alexander) MacLean (1886-1887)


Robert Balfour, Charles A. Coldwell, Peter Cordiner, Thomas Dunn, Joseph Griffith, Joseph Humphries, Harry Hemlow, E.P. Hamilton, L.A. Hamilton, Joseph Northcott

information from Vancouver’s Elected Representatives by Wayne D. Madden, 2003


Vancouver Mayor & Aldermen for 1886
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