Oppenheimer (b. 1832, Bleiskastel, Germany, d. 1897) was one of early Vancouver’s biggest landowners and businessmen. He was elected by acclamation for two of his four one-year terms. During Oppenheimer’s tenure, the city’s first water main was laid from the North Shore, a streetcar system was established, and electric streetlights were introduced. He also helped persuade the Canadian Pacific Railway to move its terminus to Vancouver, and helped secure Stanley Park for the city from the federal government.

John Mackie, Vancouver Sun, 2002
quoted with permission

Mayor:  David Oppenheimer (1888 – 1891)


Ward 1:  Sam Brighouse, John M. Lefevre

Ward 2: Joseph Humphries, John Dougall

Ward 3:  Henry Bell-Irving (resigned), Robert Clark, Charles A. Coldwell (elected in byelection)

Ward 4:  Richard H. Alexander, Joseph Mannion (resigned), G.S. McConnell (elected in byelection)

Ward 5:  Robert Couth, Isaac Oppenheimer

information from Vancouver’s Elected Representatives by Wayne D. Madden, 2003

Vancouver Mayor & Aldermen for 1888
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