portrait of Fred Cope (1860-1897)
Fred Cope (1860-1897) 3rd Mayor of Vancouver, 1892-1893

The election of Fred Cope (b. 1860, d. 1897) in 1892 was the closest in Vancouver’s history, with a winning margin of 11 votes over his rival Dr. J.T. Carroll. Cope was also the youngest mayor in Vancouver history, only 32 when elected. Before becoming mayor, Cope was the president of the British Columbia Building Association. A full-on newspaper war erupted during the election campaign when the Vancouver News Advertiser claimed Cope was a puppet of Oppenheimer, and the Vancouver World championed him.

John Mackie, Vancouver Sun, 2002
quoted with permission

Mayor: Fred Cope (1892 – 1893)


Ward 1: R.A. Anderson, H.E. Connon

Ward 2: Henry Collins, A.W. Scoullar

Ward 3: H. R. McCraney, W. J. McGuigan

Ward 4: J.L. Franklin, Edward Odlum

Ward 5: J.J. Gavin, R. Mills

information from Vancouver’s Elected Representatives by Wayne D. Madden, 2003

Vancouver Mayor & Aldermen for 1892
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