Vancouver By-law No. 3 dividing the City into Wards

This transcript was made in March of 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Mary Ann Capistrano original handwritten by-law here By Law dividing the City of Vancouver into Wards Whereas the Act of Incorporation the Council of the City of Vancouver is

The ward system in Vancouver, 1886

One of the first things the Mayor and Aldermen did when forming a government was to divide Vancouver into five Wards. This was done through Vancouver By-Law No. 3 Here are the ward boundaries established in 1886, superimposed onto an


By-law no. 118 altering Vancouver’s ward boundaries – May 9, 1891

This by-law was passed in the Vancouver City Council meeting of May 8, 1891. It changed Vancouver’s ward boundaries first set up under By-Law No. 3 in 1886. Transcribed by volunteer Anita Dos Santos in July of 2018. original by-law


By-law No. 233 altering the subdivision of Wards – August 19, 1895

This document was transcribed in June of 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Susan Willows. original handwritten by-law here 1292 BY-LAW NO. 233 A By-law to amend By-law No. 118, known as a By-Law altering the subdivisions of the City into Wards.