City Lighting Contract Still Under Consideration – November 22, 1895

A special meeting was held November 22 at 10 am to consider the Western Electric Heat & Power proposal for lighting the City of Vancouver.

This document was transcribed in 2021 by Transcribimus volunteer Gerald Soon.

Original handwritten minutes:
City of Vancouver Archives Series 31 Volume 6 page 848 only

[Volume 6 page] 848
Vancouver, November 22nd 1895

Present – His Worship the Mayor and the full Board of Aldermen, also the City Solicitor and the representatives of the Western Electric Heat and Power Co.

The object of the meeting was to further consider the Agreement between the City and the Western Electric Heat & Power Co for lighting the City.

After considerable discussion

It was moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by Alderman Queen,
That the details of the arrangements be left in the hands of the Chairman of the Water & Light Committee.

The Council then adjourned

Henry Collins

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk