Canada’s Minister of Defense Sir A. Caron to visit Vancouver – November 24, 1887

A Special Meeting to organize the reception for Sir A. R. Caron, Minister of Militia & Defense (Government of Canada), and to hire enough taxicabs for the occasion.

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Chris Stephenson, MLIS

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 page 120 only

Vancouver November 24th, 1887

A Special Meeting of the Council called to consider the reception to be given to Sir A.R. Caron, Minister of Militia and Defence, was held on Thursday November 24th 1887 at 11.a.m.

Present His Worship Mayor MacLean, Alderman Clark, Hamilton, Lefevre, Mannion, D. Oppenheimer and Sanders.

Moved by Alderman Mannion seconded by Alderman Clark.
That a Committee of three be appointed from the Council to consist of Aldermen Hamilton, Lefevre and D. Oppenheimer, with power to act in the matter of hiring cabs etc for the reception of Sir A.R. Caron

The Council then adjourned.