Fish Peddling, the Corpse, and the Pound Keeper – February 8, 1897

Fish Peddling, the Corpse, and the Pound Keeper – February 8, 1897

Vancouver’s solicitor, A. St. George Hamersley, gave his opinions that a) The City could not impose a license on fish peddlers unless it could be proved the fish were caught outside BC waters, b) That a corpse on the premises of Dr. McAlpine was legal under the Medical Act, although it was a nuisance “on the grounds that an offensive smell proceeded from the corpse,” and c) That the Pound Keeper did not have the authority to “enter any private premises and seize or import a dog thereon”. – Vancouver Daily World, page 3, February 9, 1897

water works under construction

Selected city streets to be paved – May 2, 1892

Pavement for Hastings, Cordova, Carrall, Abbott and Cambie Streets to be paid by frontage tax (city pays 1/3, owners pay 2/3). Property owners on these streets must get their water and gas connections in before paving takes place. Water temporarily shut off to the Rogers Sugar Refinery during the City takeover of the Water Works.

Scavengers with brooms and hand-cart

Gravel price increased to $1.75 per yard – April 19, 1892

Crushed rock available at city scow on wharf increased to $1.75 per yard from previous $1.50. None of the tenders received for scavengering (waste removal) accepted; matter laid over. Health Committee recommends a review of Hospital plumbing. Butcher George Matthews allowed to build a pork-curing shed for six months only. C.P.R.’s monthly water rate of $50 to be discontinued, and a water meter to be installed to bill them accordingly.

horse-drawn Studebaker street sweeper, photo taken about 1947

MacLean for Sheriff; City to buy Studebaker street sprinkler – April 11, 1892

Malcom A. MacLean (first Mayor of Vancouver) unanimously favoured by Council as Sheriff of the newly-formed Judicial District of the City of Vancouver. Current Mayor Cope to call a public meeting to decide whether to form a Militia Corps. Mr. Schindler allowed to build a rollway under the sidewalk at Granville and Georgia Street, so long as it doesn’t interfere with pedestrians. The Fire, Water & Light Committee empowered to get quotes on a Studebaker street sprinkler.