January, 2019 – Gerald Soon transcribed the Vancouver City Council minutes from April 4 and April 28, 1893. Anonymous transcribed minutes from January 23, 1893.  The Council granted the Board of Education an additional $1,500 to “attract the best men” as high school teachers.  We also found a wonderful photo of the Vancouver high school class of 1892.

December 2018 –  Mountain View Cemetery Manager and Transcribimus volunteer Glen Hodges transcribed  Vancouver By-Law 121, the Cemetery By-Law June 29, 1891

November, 2018 – Gerald Soon transcribed the Vancouver City Council minutes from March, 1893.  The big issue that month was the bonus that had been given to the Burrard Inlet and Fraser Valley Railroad Company by the City in the previous year.  There was opposition, there were lawsuits brewing, and other people just wanted it all to go away. Also, Vancouver appointed a Public Health officer and assistant to inspect every property in the City for proper plumbing and sanitation.  There had been a time-consuming, expensive and deadly outbreak of smallpox in Vancouver during 1892, and the approaching warmer weather made sanitation a top priority.

March 6, 1893 | March 11, 1893 |   March 20, 1893 | March 27, 1893

February 1893 – Vancouver drivers (of horses and wagons) would drive on the streetcar tracks because none of the roads were shoveled! February 6, 1893 City Council minutes were transcribed by Gerald Soon in October 2018.

Just like today, it was every Vancouver citizen’s responsibility to shovel the walks in front of their property. Just like today, not all of them did.  February 13, 1893 the police were ordered to enforce the snow shoveling by-law.  Transcribed by Gerald Soon October 2018.

January-March 1900 Vancouver Police Cases involving the Board of Health pages 1-2 transcribed by volunteer Maria Klukova in July of 2018, and pages 3-9 transcribed by Brenda Chapman in August/September of 2018.